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Infiniti of Kansas City

“Heartland Business Capital gave us the ability to move to a newer, better facility on I-35. Now we have almost 50,000 sq. ft. of space on 5 acres. We went from 9 service bays to 19, and we comfortably have 16 sales offices available for customers.”

Richard Webb, Owner, Infiniti of Kansas City

When Richard Webb bought the 3-acre Major Infiniti dealership off State Line Road in Kansas City 3 years ago, he knew he had a challenge: it was time to bring the business up-to-date.

By using a loan from Heartland Business Capital, who partnered with a local bank, Webb was able to move to a bigger 5-acre location with better visibility near the luxury dealerships off I-35. The new Infiniti of Kansas City now has nearly 50,000 sq. ft. of space showing off 12-14 vehicles, 19 service bays, and 16 sales offices.

Webb was also able to triple the size of the parts department, allowing for better, faster service to his customers.

“This was completely different from any other lending experience I’ve ever had,” he said. “The process was so smooth and transparent, I never had to chase anyone around. Someone answered my questions every time I called.”

Looking for an Infiniti? Visit www.infinitiofkc.com.

Worth Harley-Davidson

Worth Harley-Davidson

“We were hesitant about using an SBA product to fund our expansion, but our lender recommended using Heartland Business Capital and the 504 loan. Our experience was nothing but positive—great product, great service. We would highly recommend using Heartland Business Capital and the 504 loan to other expanding businesses.”

Rick Worth, Worth Harley-Davidson

After being in the Harley-Davidson business for over 20 years, Rick Worth had a problem. He was running out of space in his Gladstone showroom.

Worth needed more space. So he turned to his bank and Heartland Business Capital to help him secure a 504 loan for only 10% down, with a fixed-rate over 20 years.

With his new loan, he was able to purchase a former Volvo dealership in Kansas City, Missouri. The new property offered 31,000 sq. ft. of space on 5 acres. Worth promptly added another 10,000 sq. ft.

With the new space, Worth could now offer a grand total of 300 Harley-Davidson motorcycles in his showroom, plus thousands of special items for Harley fans, available both in-store and online—maintaining his status as the largest Harley-Davidson dealer in the Midwest.

To learn more about Rick Worth and his Harley-Davidson dealership, visit www.worthharley-davidson.com.

Builder Designs

Builder Designs

“If you’re considering buying property, then Heartland Business Capital is the first organization you want to talk to. They work closely with your bank and the SBA to facilitate your loan.”

Chip Johnson, Builder Designs

Builder Designs was already in the process of buying a new building when they decided to get an SBA loan.

The fast-growing internet marketing agency specializes in serving the home builder and real estate community. The owners had already found a historic building close to their existing office in Olathe, Kansas, and put an offer on it. Heartland Business Capital worked with the SBA and with the company’s current banking partner to coordinate the loan and process all the paperwork.

The move to the new 6,500 sq. ft. building paid off, allowing the company to grow from 11 employees to 19 employees in just over 1 year.

“It was like pushing the ‘Easy’ button,” said Chip Johnson, President of Builder Designs. “Heartland Business Capital did all the legwork for us, we just provided the information.”

For more information on Builder Designs, visit www.builderdesigns.com.

Builder Designs

Perfection Floor Tile, LLC

“Heartland Business Capital understood our vision of evolving from a distributor to a manufacturer and helped to make that a reality for us. Today we’re 200% larger than when we started this process in 2011.”

Nathan Ferman, Perfection Floor Tile, LLC

In 2011, Nathan Ferman was looking for a way to take his business, Reflex Moulding, to the next level. A distributor of polyvinyl flooring, he dreamed of taking the next step—to becoming a manufacturer with more control over the entire process.

Since 1999, the company had sourced its products from a factory in Ireland, which required an 8-10 week lead time.

Then Ferman found a manufacturing site in Grandview, Missouri, and decided to buy it. He worked with Heartland Business Capital—who coordinated with his local bank—to purchase the 2.5 acre lot. Heartland Business Capital then helped finance the construction of a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, as well as upgrades to the electrical, water, and sewage—bundling it all into one loan.

“We told Heartland Business Capital what we were looking for, and they worked with us and with the realtor to make it happen,” Ferman said.

He rechristened the business as Perfection Floor Tile, LLC, and it has grown 200% since making the switch. Today, Ferman has 27 employees—a substantial increase over his original 4—and can now deliver product to customers in 14 days. He also has 2 new patented products in the works.

“Best of all, now we’re truly ‘Made in the USA,’” Ferman added.

Visit www.perfectionfloortile.com.

Builder Designs

Executive Automotive, Inc.

“Heartland Business Capital was very easy to do business with. They are a wonderful option over working with a traditional financial institution. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Kyle Porter, Executive Automotive, Inc.

Executive Automotive was ready to grow. Owner and President Kyle Porter was looking to refinance his 6,250 sq. ft. of dealership space in Lee’s Summit for the lowest interest rate possible—and for the longest period of time available.

While most banks can only guarantee a specific rate for 5 years, Porter worked with Heartland Business Capital to secure a very low 4.0% rate for 10 years. The better rate allows him to save money and build up equity very quickly in his property.

“In today’s business climate, there are lots of unknowns,” Porter said. “Now I know exactly what my interest rate and payment will be for the next 5 and 10 years, and I can plan around it. That’s crucial for our success.”

Need to buy a car? Check out www.executiveautomotive.com.